Guns, fist bumps and the silent fat lady

It was an interesting moment when the van pulled in front of me and I was surrounded by a gun toting posse. I had been warned about the part of Kenya I was going through and I hadn't seen another Muzongo all day. Seems they listened to the warnings. So when the gang of four surrounded me as I was about to leave the gas station, my first thought was, this could get interesting.

"Hey. Is that a GPS" said the leader. "How does it work?" It turned out they were private security and we had a great chat and laugh as I showed them how it mapped my route. Lots of fist bumps, African style handshakes (way cooler thian Western ones) and big grins. Super nice people.



It was just the same at the next gas station but without the guns. I ended up buying lunch and standing in the shade with all the staff, laughing and joking as they posed for pictures. People really are great.

Tonight I'm in a backpacker hostel for Nile River rafters in Jinja Uganda. I made it after 10 hours of roadworks and border hassles but all Is good. I love these sorts of hostels where you get to meet the most amazing people. I just ate a burger with a photo journalist and an American Kilimanjaro guide who told me thrilling stories about their time travelling in Africa. They were fascinated by the bike trip. Another wonderful evening getting to know people who bond on the road. Tonight I didn't say much about myself or what I do. I was feeling pretty reflective and I just wanted to listen. It was really refreshing. And for those of you who know what a blabber mouth I can be, quite unusual.

It brought home to me that my time travelling in Africa is coming to a close. I have one more stop, visiting Duncan Africa, a social enterprise that makes guitars founded by my friend Jay Duncan and dinner with Jeff Dyke who works nearby in Masaka, where I'll stay tomorrow night. Then it's over the Rwandan border and into Kigali. If all goes well, I expect to arrive about 3.30 in the afternoon on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to riding into the Wellspring car park. But I'm not looking forward to getting off this wonderful bike.

I'm trying to put my feelings into words but I can't, not yet. So many mixed emotions. So many thoughts competing for attention. Ah well that's for another day. Still 800km to go and the fat lady isn't singing yet.



image, tet.